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  • SRK India and SRK Russia celebrate their 10th year anniversaries
  • Merger with Mine Ventilation Services (MVS), Clovis, California, USA
  • SVS Ingenieros renamed to SRK Consulting (Peru) S.A.
  • Salta office opens in Argentina
  • Staff complement now 1400


  • SVS Ingenieros celebrates its 30th year anniversary
  • SRK Brazil, SRK China and SRK Turkey celebrate their 10th year anniversaries


  • SRK Australia and SRK Chile celebrate their 20th year anniversaries
  • Finland practice established in Rovaniemi
  • SRK Group celebrates its 40th anniversary and publishes a book in 2015 titled Forty Years in the Deep End


  • SRK NA celebrates its 35th year anniversary
  • SRK UK celebrates its 25th year anniversary
  • SRK ES celebrates its 10th year anniversary
  • Project office opened in Cameroon
  • Hong Kong practice established


  • SRK ES opens office in Copenhagen, Denmark (closed 2015)
  • St. Petersburg office opens in Russia (closed 2014)
  • Queretaro office opens in Mexico (closed 2015)
  • Staff complement reaches 1600


  • Merged SVS Ingenieros, Peru, into the SRK Group
  • Mendoza office opens in Argentina
  • Ghana practice established in Accra
  • Staff complement reaches 1400


  • DRC practice established in Lubumbashi
  • Ulaanbaatar office opens in Mongolia
  • Kazakhstan practice established in Almaty
  • Mexico practice established in Zacatecas (closed 2014)
  • Staff complement reaches 1000


  • Jakarta, Indonesia (closed 2016); and Skellefteå, Sweden practices established
  • Nanchang office opens in China
  • Merger with VS Consultores, Buenos Aires, to form SRK Argentina
  • Staff complement reaches 900


  • Anchorage office opens in Alaska
  • Staff complement reaches 800


  • Melbourne office opens in Australia
  • Kimberley office opens in South Africa
  • Staff complement reaches 700


  • Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania (closed 2011); Kolkata, India; and Moscow, Russia practices established
  • Saskatoon and Sudbury offices open in Canada
  • Staff complement reaches 600


  • Brazilian practice established in Belo Horizonte
  • Chinese practice established in Beijing
  • Newcastle office opens in Australia
  • Turkish practice established in Ankara from branch office
  • RDC and South African practices merge


  • SRK Exploration Services Ltd. formed in UK
  • Rustenburg office opens in South Africa


  • Ankara office opens in Turkey
  • East London office opens in South Africa


  • International holding company changes name to SRK Consulting (Global) Limited
  • Toronto office opens in Canada
  • Merger with Kairezi Resource Consultants, Zimbabwe


  • Merger with Geoval in Australia, broadening geostatistics services
  • Yellowknife office opens in NT, Canada
  • Pretoria office opens in South Africa


  • Formalised "SRK Consulting" as brand name for Group
  • Sydney office opens in Australia
  • Merger with WESTEC in North America – adding offices in Elko, Fort Collins and Tucson
  • Staff complement reaches 500


  • Merger with Etheridge Henley Williams, Australian-based geoscience consultancy – adding an office in Brisbane
  • Exploration services introduced
  • Gemcom Services Inc. renamed Gemcom Software International and lists as public company


  • Resource Development Consultants (RDC), a joint venture company with Carl Bro and the Danish IFU, formed in South Africa, focusing on social and economic services
  • Staff complement reaches 400


  • Chilean and Australian practices established in Santiago and Perth respectively
  • International holding company, SRK Consulting Limited, formed in UK


  • Port Elizabeth and Pietermaritzburg offices open in South Africa


  • Consult 4 Partnership in South Africa formed with Ninham Shand Inc., Van Niekerk Kleyn & Edwards and Keeve Steyn Inc.


  • SRK South Africa merges with Binnie & Partners (SA), extending the firm's skills in water and effluent technology, structural engineering, and hydraulics
  • UK practice established in Cardiff
  • Robinson Dames and Moore purchased and renamed SRK-Robinson Inc., Burnaby, BC, Canada
  • GIS/DIP services introduced


  • Reno office opens in North America
  • Hydrocarbon remediation services introduced
  • Staff complement reaches 300


  • Gemcom Services Inc. formed in Vancouver
  • Water quality services introduced


  • Staff complement reaches 200


  • Zimbabwe practice established in Harare (closed 2016)
  • GEMCOM South Africa formed


  • Denver office opens in North America


  • Services in hydrology and hydraulics offered for the first time
  • Staff complement reaches 100


  • Cape Town and Durban offices open in South Africa
  • North American practice established in Vancouver
  • Groundwater services introduced


  • SRK introduces services in mine planning
  • Services extended into environmental engineering arena


  • Oskar Steffen, Andy Robertson and Hendrik Kirsten establish SRK in Johannesburg, South Africa, offering services in soil and rock mechanics and tailings disposal
SRK Kazakhstan